If this is what you are looking for, you’ve come to the right place. We are known for our extensive knowledge of clothing brands and product development; and we’d be willing to bet that we can provide you with as much care and artistry as any branding agency. With years of experience and two apparel brands of our own, we have personally walked this journey, and are here to guide you through all things conceptual. In this process we are the brain and the vision. We walk you through everything, including brand presentation and retail display. No pressure for you to have the big idea - we take it all and then together, we bring it to life.


Whether you have a brand kit or you are just starting out, we can help build on your ideas. Some people come to us with just an idea that hasn’t yet been sketched out. Other times you might have a brand kit and guidelines ready to go for merch, but aren’t sure how to apply these to apparel. You have a logo but it needs some work or a refresh, we can do that, too. We’ve got you covered wherever you’re at!


How do you know what apparel brand to choose?

You come to us! We’ve tried them all and put them through the gamut of tests. Fit and feel, longevity, printability (yes it matters!) and sourcing/ethical practices - you name it. We have a curated list if brands and we’ve taken the guess-work out of it. You are welcome to browse the thousands of digital catalogs, but our clients come to us for our expertise. Our doors are always open if you want to check out the showroom and see some samples for yourself.