Even though we got our start in screen printing, we quickly saw the demand for custom embroidery in Pierce County, and we are obsessed! The precision of stitches is our main focus. Using a special software program, each stitch point is mapped out digitally. This digitized embroidery software ensures the quality of each and every stitch. We select only the best thread manufacturers with whom to work, and our multihead, industrial machines finish the job! Embroidery gives an elevated look to your apparel or product, and is excellent for jackets, bags, and hats.


Embroidery is fascinating - it’s taking a needle and thread and using an embroidery machine to lay stitches down and create an image. There is an undeniable intricacy behind embroidery that feels refined and professional. Our machines are able to stitch through many different surfaces and textiles which allows for decorating more challenging pieces like a puffy coat or a beanie.


Digitizing is the process of preparing the artwork for embroidery. We spend time digitally mapping out the stitches to create the final stitch out and it is essential for a quality final product. While embroidery is wonderful for a lot of things, it is important to keep in mind that there are limitations. Embroidery is more time consuming than other decoration methods, and best kept for smaller locations like a left chest or on a baseball cap.

 Our team may also suggest modifying any design that might be too highly detailed.
With this method we generally suggest simple, bold, vectored images.


3D foam can be used to create even more dimension and a raised effect. There are ways of utilizing thread colors to simulate gradients and speciality threads such as matte and metallic threads that create unique looking designs. We also create custom embroidered patches which can be applied to a range of products.